Us and Them

Before you start reading, let me clarify. This is not about the song ‘Us and Them’ by Pink Floyd. How much ever I love Pink Floyd, this is about what I love even more, Analytics.

I never guess. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

As a start-up you want to do something fundamentally different. So, when we at DataQuarks started looking at how can analytics be offered differently, I realised we are going against what I have done in my entire career. Start with data, extract information to provide insights to the business users. So what? What use have been the insights, have any concrete business decisions been taken with all the hundreds of reports, charts and dashboards provided by the BI initiatives I have been involved so far. I am 100% confident that the smart business people have taken strategic decisions based on the insights. But only after spending more time on already busy working weeks.

This is when I realised this is a classic Us vs Them scenario. By them, the hundreds of already established BI tools, platform, vendors, frameworks and industry leaders. The traditional approach so far has been to take multiple sources of data, consolidate and transform to provide the business users different representations of the data and let them come up with business decisions.

Now, us a 18 month old humble start-up want to take a completely different approach. Based on the data, we want to provide business decisions straight away. Think of it this way, a senior business executive, you get emails with top 5 business decisions you need to action, with a percentage estimation of the accuracy of the decision based on historical data. Now if you want to know about the decision, analyse the numbers and KPIs behind those decisions in a dashboard.

These are what we call ‘Automated Data Driven Decisions’ generated using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning algorithms. Learn more here.

In a way, we are contributing to a greener environment by not even generating reports that can be printed and also to a clutter free work space!!