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Data driven decisions – summary so far

At DataQuarks, we are truly passionate about data and analytics and have written about various aspects of data driven decisions. Recently a reader suggested writing a super blog post to combine various topics we have discussed until now. Thanks to that excellent suggestion, we are writing this blogpost to summarise our views on all the topics we have written in this quarter. We can definitely see this becoming a recurring exercise. It not only helps our visitors get a high level picture of our direction,

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Part 2 – What-If analysis usecases – Pricing

In part 1 of the series, we covered some of the key aspects of What-If analysis when applied to financial analysis. Pricing is an equally important use case, as probably nothing matters more to the profitability of a business than the price it is selling the products or services at. There are plenty of market forces at play (external factors) as well as the many internal factors that impact the cost to produce the product or service. So, it is easy to see why this as an extension to

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