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Us and Them

Before you start reading, let me clarify. This is not about the song ‘Us and Them’ by Pink Floyd. How much ever I love Pink Floyd, this is about what I love even more, Analytics. I never guess. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle As a start-up you want to do something fundamentally different. So, when we at DataQuarks started looking at how can analytics be offered differently, I realised we are going against what

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Data driven decisions – summary so far

At DataQuarks, we are truly passionate about data and analytics and have written about various aspects of data driven decisions. Recently a reader suggested writing a super blog post to combine various topics we have discussed until now. Thanks to that excellent suggestion, we are writing this blogpost to summarise our views on all the topics we have written in this quarter. We can definitely see this becoming a recurring exercise. It not only helps our visitors get a high level picture of our direction,

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On a level playing data field for a small business

Running a start-up or a small and medium business has lots of challenges. The ability to get new clients, marketing and media exposure, attracting new talent, everywhere Davids are up against the Goliaths. More so when it comes to the use of data for taking decisions. Large companies have been at the forefront of adopting technologies to foster innovation for strategic advantage. They procure the latest in technology, build strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors, have an large of analysts and developers to build highly focused analytical solutions for

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