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Am I Alright Jack? The Domino Effect of Brexit

Businesses that trade heavily within the EU are sure to be concerned about what impacts a UK withdrawal from the European Union may have. But what if your business only sells to or buys from the UK, or countries outside Europe? You might be sitting there thinking “I’m alright, Jack, it won’t affect me.” However, the reality is that Brexit would have implications even for those businesses that don’t deal directly with the EU. Chain reaction Even if your company does not do business with

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How would your sales stand up to Brexit?

With a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union due to take place before the end of 2017, many British businesses will be wondering what impact Brexit could have on their sales. The EU contains around 508 million citizens and around half of all UK exports go to the EU – that’s a lot of potential customers and a huge amount of potentially lost sales. No one knows for certain what the effects will be if the UK exits the EU, but this

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4 questions about Brexit your business should be asking

With the proposed referendum in the UK about EU membership, businesses have to perform a thorough analysis in the coming months to understand the impact of Brexit. It is not all about trade barriers and access to a wider market though. There are factors within a business that you can measure using data available in the corporate systems and develop mitigation plans if Brexit is found to have an impact on the financial performance. Business leaders should be asking the following four questions to get

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Brexit and its impact on a company performance

Brexit (referendum in the UK about EU membership) is not all about macro economics and trade between countries. It is a potential Operational Risk and has a real impact on individual companies, as the corporate wheel has very various cogs from European Union. Employees, customers, suppliers, investors and investments. What would be the most likely impact on your organisation, what is the worst case extreme scenario that can affect your organisation, or the best case scenario with the least impact that could even result in a positive

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Why a PoC or a prototype helps

Our years of collective experience in delivering both large scale and Proof of Concepts (PoCs) in the BI and analytics space have highlighted the value of adopting “tiny steps” towards addressing a larger business problem. Across the industry different methodologies have evolved for implementations of IT projects and more specifically BI. Gone are the days where BI projects would span across multiple years with no tangible business deliverable for months and even years. Business is demanding more for their money and IT spend, and want

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