Brexit and its impact on a company performance

Brexit (referendum in the UK about EU membership) is not all about macro economics and trade between countries. It is a potential Operational Risk and has a real impact on individual companies, as the corporate wheel has very various cogs from European Union. Employees, customers, suppliers, investors and investments. What would be the most likely impact on your organisation, what is the worst case extreme scenario that can affect your organisation, or the best case scenario with the least impact that could even result in a positive change to your bottom line. This can’t be left to chance or analysed after the referendum. Our highly customised analytical model feeds data from your corporate HR, CRM, procurement and finance systems to perform What-If and Scenario Analysis to calculate the impact. You can choose the various parameters that are relevant to your organisation, choose their relevant weight and run on our rules engine to identify the various scenario outcomes. Stored in a secure data cloud, this data can then presented to the relevant audience through highly visual dashboards and detailed reports for your executives to take the right decision at the right time.

Currently UK companies have employees from EU who can freely work in the UK for them without any restriction. In fact there are nearly 2 million people from the EU who are part of the UK work force. Majority of them would still be working in the UK even in case of a no vote in the referendum. But some may decide to leave, and they could be your star performers, the key IT employee with hard to find skills, your key revenue generators, your A star sales rep or customer care specialist. They would have been trained over the years acquiring specialist knowledge to be productive in your organisation. Replacing them would cost you money and the new comers would take time to be fully productive. Brexit Analyser uses your HR data and calculates the net employee impact based on the scenario parameters and values. There are customers as well from the EU who are based in the UK now and spend on your companies’ products. Depending on their life time value, net promoter score, brand perception, demographics, loyalty, this could have an impact on your market share, revenues and profits.

There are key suppliers from the EU who provide the companies with products and services, whom may have to be replaced depending on the outcome of the negotiations. Sterling can be impacted which can have a profound impact on the profitability of the companies depending on how much they sell in the EU, their investments in the EU or how much they procure from EU.

DataQuarks offers Brexit Analyser solution to help companies analyse the impact of Brexit and plan next course of action.

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