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What could Brexit mean to your business?

Would Brexit be good or bad for your business?

Brexit (Britain leaving the European Union) is a hot political topic right now. It doesn’t matter which social media channel you use, you will find plenty of comments. Some people want Britain to leave the EU as quickly as possible; some are desperate for us to stay and some really aren’t sure.

At DataQuarks, we often compare this to Y2K. Back in the late 90’s, nobody knew what was going to happen when the clocks ticked into the new millenium. Right now, nobody really knows what will happen to Britain after the referendum.

What we do know is that you need to plan for both eventualities:

If Britain leaves the EU?

  • Will our nearest and biggest trade partners stop buying British?
  • Do you need to invest time, and money, in building relationships with Commonwealth countries?
  • Are you going to struggle finding staff with the right skill sets?
  • Will 2 million EU nationals decide they don’t want to work in Britain anymore?
  • Will European businesses relocate offices and services back to their home country?

If Britain doesn’t leave the EU?

  • Will things return to normal and European nations continue to buy British?
  • Will EU nationals still want to live and work in the UK?
  • How will relations be with European suppliers?
  • Will your planning have triggered additional opportunities outside the European Union?

Our cloud-based software allows you to put values to either side of the argument; best and worst case scenarios.

Imagine being able to develop Brexit plans based on what is likely to happen to your business, rather than the macro economic scenarios being suggested by the Yes and No groups.

Are You Worried About Brexit?

Are you concerned about the impact it could have on your business?

If you are worried about the impact of Brexit, try our Analyser free for  30 days.  This is an offer limited to the first 5 companies to apply so get in touch now.

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