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What could Brexit mean to your business?

Brexit (Britain leaving the European Union) is not just a hot political topic it is a reality now. Some businesses think Britain leaving the EU has a big impact; some really aren’t sure how it will impact them.

What we do know is that you need to plan for the exit.


“Data Quarks has developed a unique Brexit Analyser that will be an incredibly useful

tool for companies examining what impact Brexit will have on their businesses.”

Marcus Miholich
Managing Director - Haitong Securities UK

Analyse the effect of Britain exiting the EU (Brexit)

Brexit is not all about macro economics and has a direct impact on your company performance impacting employees, customers, suppliers and investments. Brexit Analyser will help you understand the impact…

Feed data from your corporate systems and model What-If scenarios

Feed data from your HR system, CRM system, procurement system, finance system and model What-If scenarios and stress test scenarios

Model comprehensive scenarios

The product features a comprehensive scenario builder to model detail scenarios relevant to your organisation. The intelligent rules engine converts the As-Is data and scenarios to detailed impact information.

Receive insights using dashboards and reports

Hosted on a secure data cloud and highlight different business critical KPIs under various scenarios using dashboards and detailed reports

Are you worried about Brexit?

If you are worried about the impact of Brexit on your company performance? Get in touch now.

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