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Us and Them

Before you start reading, let me clarify. This is not about the song 'Us and Them' by Pink Floyd. How ...
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Data driven decisions – summary so far

At DataQuarks, we are truly passionate about data and analytics and have written about various aspects of data driven decisions ...
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Part 2 – What-If analysis usecases – Pricing

In part 1 of the series, we covered some of the key aspects of What-If analysis when applied to financial ...
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Use cases for What-If scenario modelling

What-If scenario analysis is a very powerful framework for taking decisions. It is a general misconception that it mainly caters ...
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On a level playing data field for a small business

Running a start-up or a small and medium business has lots of challenges. The ability to get new clients, marketing and ...
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3 things about a no frills data analytics platform

In a recent conversation with an ex-colleague of mine, he noted while I was demonstrating our platform that small and medium businesses ...
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Embrace the dark data matter

Companies, big and small, all have the same problem when it comes to data analytics. Despite the best efforts of ...
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Data Utopia – steps to reality

What is a data driven organisation? Getting a bunch of reports delivered to business users in the organisation or building ...
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5 key reasons why your organisation does not need collaboration in decision modelling

If you look at decision modelling as an organisational task, it is no different to development, sales planning, marketing, project ...
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personnel migration around Europe

What Brexit Could Mean for the UK Workforce

Much of the debate around Britain’s membership of the EU has centred around the need to restrict the flow of ...
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domino effect of Brexit

Am I Alright Jack? The Domino Effect of Brexit

Businesses that trade heavily within the EU are sure to be concerned about what impacts a UK withdrawal from the ...
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How will Brexit impact your sales performance

How would your sales stand up to Brexit?

With a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union due to take place before the end of 2017, ...
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