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Data Quarks are a UK based data analytics company and Startupbootcamp Alumni.  Our analytics platform delivers automated data driven decisions modelling for business executives

  • Our aim is to use AI and machine learning to take data straight to decisions – enabling our clients to focus on strategy and execution and not reporting.
  • We believe the ability to use modelling to take decisions should be made available to everyone using natural business language and not complex technology.
  • Our initial machine learning driven Data Science offerings are focused on delivering deep insights and automated decisions to e-commerce retailers.  However, tailored solutions for the travel, gaming and financial services sector also in the pipeline and we would welcome interaction with potential clients as we build our propositions.

As a company we have worked with leading corporates such as International Financial Data Services (IFDS), Rank Group and Bourne Leisure.

Our management team has over 30 years of combined experience honed in large corporates (such as Toyota, Oracle, British Telecom and Smiths Group) and the Financial Services sector  (including International Monetary Fund, Royal Bank of Scotland and Citigroup).

Our love for analytics was incubated while we were part of a highly successful product engineering team at a Citigroup venture.  This early FinTech company was ultimately listed on the [New York stock exchange / NASDAQ stock market] with a valuation of c.$500 million in 2002 – it was later acquired by Oracle and re-branded as Oracle Financial Services.


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